InsomniaX 2.1.4 – Yosemite Preview

I know many of you are desperate for a Yosemite fix, so here it is!

Unfortunately I have not had a chance to refine InsomniaX so it has simply been updated to deal with Yosemite and the code signing requirements, during the project update however GC was replaced with ARC and the battery/ac load menus have been removed due to common complaints.

If you have any issues with this release please run through the standard reinstall procedure listed on the InsomniaX page.

Please do NOT publish this release to any sites like MacUpdate as this is only a preview and is not ready for release!

Please also note that InsomniaX 2.1.4 requires a minimum of OSX 10.9

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3 thoughts on “InsomniaX 2.1.4 – Yosemite Preview

  1. Keith

    So uh… I was using 2.1.1 on the Yosemite preview with kext signing disabled and it was working just fine. Can’t disable sleep with 2.1.4… not seeing anything abnormal in console but I’ll post more details if I find anything.

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