InsomniaX 2.1.6

Today we launch the latest release of InsomniaX which brings many requested features along with many bug fixes, hopefully this will be the release that puts InsomniaX back on track after years of being left on cruise-control

In this release we add timer options, refine the power-source options, detection of non-MacBooks and notifications.

One of the biggest aims was to ensure users were notified when Lid/Idle sleep was either enabled or disabled, thus avoiding unexpected behaviours. This is achieved via the Mac OS X notification centre and dialog boxes where the notifications are important (CPU Safety)

A lot of confusion with the previous incarnation of power-source options resulted in the removal of them in the previous release, in this release they are brought back but with a simpler design to reduce confusion.

Another popular feature request was to have a option to disable Lid/Idle sleep for a set period of time, as such I have added timer options for both.

At this stage InsomniaX may not detect the temperature for some devices, but I aim to add detection code in future versions to correctly identify the sensor to monitor.


  • Fixed issue with CPU Safety sensitivity
  • Fixed issue where CPU Safety could not be disabled
  • Added notifications for automated functions
  • Added debug preference setting to enabling verbose logging
  • Added “Disable Lid/Idle Sleep For…” functions
  • Added “Disable Lid/Idle Sleep on AC” functions
  • Added detection to disable “Insomnia” functions when not running on a MacBook device
  • Various code corrections

One thought on “InsomniaX 2.1.6

  1. AmpblL

    Hi there!
    This project is the best app for my purposes (I’m a musician, sometimes I don’t have enough space on stage, so I just have to close the lid and use iPad as a remote).
    But 2.1.6 has a minor bug for the first lid action, both on AC and battery.
    Thanks for the 2.1.7, enable for downloading here:
    P.S. Sorry for the spoiler, if you don’t want people to see this link, delete this post ^^

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