Happy New Year – InsomniaX Source Code

Happy New Years!

I hope that everyone had a wonderful 2015 and the new year brings luck to everyone 🙂

InsomniaX Source Code!!!

It has been a long time coming, and after much consideration I have finally decided to release the source code to InsomniaX along with the Insomnia kext.

When I first started building InsomniaX I was still in High School (Australia) and back then I was coding in Apple Script, over the years (9 years) new features were added and InsomniaX grew into an Obj C project, whilst InsomniaX grew so did Insomnia it saw huge forks in its code base and many changes.

As such InsomniaX code base is not the cleanest, and with out much time with full time work now (and family life) it became hard to find time to maintain unless a critical bug was found. The code base also shares code with Sleepless from the result of collaboration so a big thanks goes to the Sleepless developer.

Now that the source code is free to everyone (licence pending) I hope InsomniaX can continue to grow, and some volunteers can help maintain the code and the support desk. If anyone is interested in helping please let me know and after review I will grant access to the Git/Support Desk as required.

All future offical releases will continue to be code signed by my self, and published on this site.

So with out further delay… heres the source code!


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