Thank you and farewell for now

As time goes on, as much as I have tried to update and support my projects, the time as come to declare all current projects as unsupported and unmaintained

It has been a fantastic journey that started all those years ago, but ultimately the development of most Apple projects ended over 5 years ago and have basically been on life support

If there is a project your interested in and the source code is not available, let me know and I will try to release it, however it would almost be better to rewrite most these projects given the age of the code

With this post, the support system will be shutting down as there are currently no active/supported projects

Once again thanks to everyone who has downloaded and supported my projects through the years, it has been an honor and privledge

4 thoughts on “Thank you and farewell for now

  1. tavella

    I just stopped by and saw this update. While it was sad to see, I wanted to thank you SO much for your work on InsomniaX. I’ve found it very useful over the past few years.

  2. Berry

    Thank you so much… Insomniax has been the best so far.. it has been widely supported and as helped me quite often and most of the time basically.

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