Insomnia: Yosemite Support Update

Good news everyone!… Apple has just approved my request for KEXT development, what this means is I can now happily code sign and deploy KEXTs to Mac OS X 10.10+ systems

I will be aiming to release a new Yosemite update for InsomniaX which will include the new Insomnia KEXT that is code signed for Yosemite.

The new release will drop support for anything below Mac OSX 10.8, and users on these systems will need to download the previous releases of InsomniaX or update to the later Mac OSX releases.

Please also be reminded that developing and maintaining these projects does cost money as I need to purchase an annual developer account from Apple for the code signing as well as pay web hosting, so please consider donating to help keep things moving 🙂

Yosemite Support

I have recently received many requests on when an update will be available for Yosemite for various projects, the most common being InsomniaX.

As much as I am excited to play with Yosemite it is still very much a BETA release, and as such I am unable to use it on any of my machines as I do not have a dedicated development machine.

Once Yosemite is at a stable development point I will start to investigate what the issue is and resolve as quickly as possible, unfortunately the public development release has resulted in an unexpected rush to complete and update projects sooner than previously expected.

Apologies for anyone inconvenienced by the incompatibility issues, but I will get them resolved as soon as I can.

InsomniaX 2.1.3 Released

With out further a due, here is InsomniaX 2.1.3!

This release fixes a few common suggestions, which are Retina support and the status bar icon being hard to understand.

The new status icon uses 2 images to indicate the 2 modes, the moon crescent indicates the lid sleep state and the eye (oval shape) indicates the idle sleep state. At the same time I have also modified the menu items them self to be easier to read, they no longer use text to describe the states but rather now use “ticks” to indicate the on and off state. I hope that these UI changes are welcomed and make it easier to use

There was also a bug with the way Insomnia would fail to sleep the system is unloaded with the lid closed, this has now been tested on my MacBookAir 11″ and is working when tested, this function is key to the CPU safety feature.

I also noticed the read me document was a bit dated so this has been updated to reflect the new changes.

So with that being said, let me know how it goes and hopefully everyone enjoys this new version 🙂

InsomniaX 2.1.3 Download

Version 2.1.3

  • Insomnia is now r9 (Fixes issue where system will not sleep when unloaded with lid closed)
  • Fixed issue with CPU Safety menu item not working correctly
  • Insomnia will not load if it detects org.binaervarianz.driver.insomnia loaded
  • CPU Safety has been lowered to 80 degrees celsius
  • Status Icons are changed to use two different sections to better visualise modes
  • Retina support has been added