Yosemite Support

I have recently received many requests on when an update will be available for Yosemite for various projects, the most common being InsomniaX.

As much as I am excited to play with Yosemite it is still very much a BETA release, and as such I am unable to use it on any of my machines as I do not have a dedicated development machine.

Once Yosemite is at a stable development point I will start to investigate what the issue is and resolve as quickly as possible, unfortunately the public development release has resulted in an unexpected rush to complete and update projects sooner than previously expected.

Apologies for anyone inconvenienced by the incompatibility issues, but I will get them resolved as soon as I can.

Website Revamp

After years of my old theme, and its slow falling apart from upgrades over the years, I thought I would finally put it to rest and revamp my site.

As you will notice I have changed the theme (albeit not sure if this is permanent) but also under the hood cleaned many sections up that were left from old projects, and found old projects that were never published. With this cleaning I have also separated what are the “projects” and the old abandoned projects “ye’ ol’ projects”.

I am looking to upload the source code for anything in “ye’ ol’ projects” as the licences permit along with time to sort through them, hopefully this will help with anyone that wanted to know how to code some of those functions or just see how they worked.

The support desk was demolished and rebuilt as part of the revamp, with the new support desk all cleaned up ready for use. So for any support requests head over to http://support.semaja2.net and raise a ticket, please be reminded that I do not actively provide support and you may not get a response for some time.

I still suggest utilising the comments for any community support, as many fellow users have often answered or solved questions you may have. To help assist on this I will be looking to have an automated archiving of old comments so they don’t clog up the system, along with increased protection from spammers.

Happy Browsing!