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Version: 1.0

The iCade 8-Bitty Controllers are amazing little controllers for the iOS and Android platform, but why should Mac OSX miss out on all the fun! With 8-Bitty Controller for OSX you can turn the iCade system to work with any emulator or game regardless of its compatibility with iCade!

8-Bitty started its life after I received a 8-Bitty controller from ThinkGeek and was disappointed to find a lack of Mac support, and the only product at the time to make it work was ControllerMate which costs $15 which I thought was a overkill product anyway.

After looking at what was possible I decided to set out to make my own specific application to correctly map the buttons on the 8-Bitty to the correct keyboard keys.


25 thoughts on “8-Bitty

  1. Matt

    Is there anyway you could make a windows version, because I’d love to use this with my 8-bitty but I don’t have a mac. πŸ™

  2. John

    Tried to play Mario 3 and Blaster Master via Nestopia. The controller now works, but button press duration and rapid actions both seam iffy. In Mario I am unable to run and only perform small jumps. In Blaster Master I am only able to fire every second or so.

  3. Alex

    Amazing! (although I haven’t downloaded or tried the software) Can you make this compatible with Windows OS?

  4. kyle


    I just got the 8-bitty controller for my bday and I can’t seem to get it to sync with my Mac. Could you post instructions on how I can get it setup. Every time I try to go into the software I downloaded from macupdate it says that it needs to be configured in learning mode.

  5. Matthew

    Since I’ve updated to Mavricks I am getting a message that says “We were unable to tab the keyboard events, please make sure ‘Access for assistive devices’ is enable on your system.” When I try to enable assistive devices I don’t see 8-Bitty controller as an option. Can you tell me how to get this working again?

  6. Giacomo

    to use the driver with Mavericks just follow these easy steps.
    Open Application folder in Finder.
    Open System preferences -> Privacy -> Accesibility.
    Drag and drop the 8bitty Controller app into the applications list inside accessibility panel.
    Enable the app.

    Hope it’s useful.

  7. Tom

    Under 10.9.2 and the 1.1 version of the app, attempting to launch always gives me:

    “8-Bitty Controller for OS X” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

  8. Michael

    I can’t figure out how to pair the 8-bitty to my Mac. It’s so frustrating!

    Every time I attempt to pair it OSX says it needs me to enter a passcode which, of course, I can’t do on the 8-bitty. I’ve not found a workaround. Anyone have an idea?


  9. Hey guys, I’ve got the 8Bitty app loaded into the “allowed apps” in system pref but when I launch the app it says it needs to go into learning mode but then nothing happens when i select ok

    im using an iPega controller, late 2013 mac book pro.

  10. Coburn

    Would love to be able to use 8-Bitty again although it says the beta is expired….can you please update? I miss this great program! πŸ™‚

  11. Andrew

    Any plans on extending the beta again? It’s expired and won’t work unless I back date the time/date settings in OS X.

    Thanks!! πŸ™‚

  12. zomars

    The beta version expired again, is there any plans to make this open source, or extending the beta version again?

    Thank you for making this!

  13. Keith B.

    Is this program ever going to become usable again. It only says that the beta has expired. Seems a waste to never enable it again

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