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Version: 0.5/1.3.5/2.1.8

It always has been a missing feature: disabling the sleep mode on a Apple Laptop. Who does not want to use it as a big juke-box or go warwalking. The best looking server ever, especially at about one inch height. This small utility is what you will want, this small utility acts as a wrapper to the Insomnia kernel extension.




Note: InsomniaX is PASSIVE!
This means that unless another program has interfered with the operations of InsomniaX, once you reboot your system it will be completely removed from the system until you start InsomniaX and activate its features.

If after a reboot or during boot you exhibit issues, these are not related to InsomniaX. (The only exception is if you have InsomniaX in your startup items for your login)

Uninstalling/Repairing InsomniaX
The most common ticket in the help desk regarding issues with InsomniaX or requesting instructions on how to remove InsomniaX, below is a simple step list of what is required to completely wipe out InsomniaX. If any problems exist after removing InsomniaX it should not be related to Insomnia as it works as a passive changing, in other words once its unloaded all changes are moved (Especially after a reboot any trace should be gone)

  1. Reboot the machine
  2. Ensure InsomniaX is not running
  3. Enter in terminal : defaults delete com.semaja2.InsomniaX (use net.semaja2.insomniax for InsomniaX 2.1 +)
  4. Delete ~/Library/Application Support/InsomniaX (Use the terminal command “sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/InsomniaX”
  5. Delete /Applications/
  6. If reinstalling download latest version from MacUpdate

576 thoughts on “InsomniaX

  1. Mark G

    Love the app, but every time my computer reboots and loads the app it does not appear to have “Save states on exit” – my checked “disable lid sleep” is no longer checked. Anyone know how to get it to save states after a reboot? Thanks a lot.

  2. john

    This app is fully manual. You save the settings. It saves them. I have for preferences “disable” for both AC and Batt for lid and idle. Guess what, if you unplug it, clears to enabled for all. You plug it in, only the idle re-enables but lid is disabled.

    So in other words its settings are not persistent. You basically have to get it all turned on each time you want it to work. MANUALLY managed. It’s a nice thought that they had, but in practice.. no worky.. I am on 2.0.1

  3. john

    2.1.8 does not work. Is there a chance I can obtain .2.0.1?? I unfortunately deleted that version thinking this would be an improvement. 2.1.8 does NOT work at all… I went from bad to worse… :/

  4. Xinhu

    Very usefull app! Definitely meet my needs!

    However, I have a question. What I want to do is to disable idle sleep but still allow display to turn off. If I turn on “Disable Idle Sleep”, the display is never turned off. How can I do this?

  5. ERosE

    I think you guys did a great job doing what apple didn’t. I appreciate anything, thank you. I’m bad with technology so i just click “Disable Lid Sleep,” shut my computer, the music keeps playing, the screen is out, and I’m a happy gal. 🙂 just hope it’s completely safe to download on my computer?

  6. ERosE

    hmm… my computer has been really hot (overheating) and i believe its from this download because it started to happen after i downloaded Insomniax.. sorry.. i do not recommend

  7. nort_h

    Insomnia 2.8.1 do not work well in MakOS Sierra – Freeze and affect the performance of other applications.

  8. Duda

    It doesn’t seem to work properly on Sierra (10.12). Shortcut for display sleep has huge delay (screen is being turned off but if you move your mouse you will see your desktop instead of login screen). Also “disable lid sleep” doesn’t work all the time.

  9. Rob

    What am I missing here? I’ve installed the latest version (2.1.8) on OS X 10.10.5. I want to disable lid sleep on battery AND AC. I have “Disable Lid Sleep” checked off”, and in Preferences I also have “Disable Lid Sleep on AC” checked off.

    So I close the lid while on battery, and my MBP stays awake as it should. Then, I go to plug it into AC and it immediately GOES TO SLEEP.

    Again, what am I missing here? (And, BTW, having the AC settings in Preferences while the battery settings are right up at the top of the main menu is kind of confusing as it is…just an opinion.)

  10. Aaron

    Been having big problems since the upgrade to Sierra. System would randomly lock up certain apps, or even sub-apps. For instance, logging in, the stuff in the upper right (wireless, vmware fusion, wifi) would show the pinwheel when hovered over. In safari, an page would hang for 10-20 seconds on loading, and show the pinwheel over the page, but I could open a new tab no problem (guessing the thread was hung). I tried with firefox, similar problem.

    I was about at my wit’s end, but I disabled InsomniaX, and the problems have disappeared. Not sure what blocking call is being hit, or something in that vein, but clearly Sierra has messed around with the backend from Yosemite/El Capitan.

  11. DaveVL

    I’ve been using your app fro a few years now – it worked perfectly until 10.12.2 was released. I’ve tried deinstall/reinstall but it didn’t help. Is it time for an update?

  12. Alex

    I also experience heavy temporary lags since upgrading to sierra. Sometimes it just freezes, so apps like Chrome are not usable anymore.

  13. Thomas

    When I us the Sleep Display Now option, I can’t get my display to come back on without a reboot. What am I doing wrong? My cursor shows up moves around just fine, but that’s it. Any help would be appreciated.

  14. Allan

    I would like to disable idle sleep but keep display sleep over X amount of time. Is there a hidden option for that or what? Disabling idle sleep seems to be including display sleep, while it should be separate options.

  15. Train

    Still great after all these years. The others on the app store still cannot prevent lid sleep: Amphetamine, CaffeinateMe, Owly, and Anti-Sleep cannot prevent lid sleep – but they can all start a session at login. Do you think you can teach InsomniaX to do that? You sir are the king.

  16. Joe

    As many others have posted, the program works great except that it does not save states on exit; it is always disabled after rebooting which is quite annoying because you have to enable it again. I´m on Sierra (tested on the 3 versions). Please can you fix this issue?

  17. zjw

    Hey,I find that insomniax is available on Mac OS Sierra in fact.You will find it near the icon of wifi at menu bar.Sorry for the possible grammar mistakes in my word because my English is not good.Thanks!By the way, my Mac OS is 10.12.5

  18. Debra L Smith

    I used to have Insomnia X and loved it. However, one day it literally disappeared — just wasn’t there anymore! just now I came back to redownload it and noticed at the top that you say it’s “passive” and won’t be there anymore after a reboot. Is that what happened? What is a passive program? I googled it and can’t figure it out. Does it have to be downloaded again after every reboot?!?? Thanks for any help!

  19. Daniel

    Using High Sierra Beta with InsomniaX, but it does not even start. 🙁 What’s the problem?

    Greetings from Germany

  20. Em

    This did nothing whatsoever? My screen still switches off when I close the lid, and still randomly times out like it was before (which was the reason for me downloading this).
    I’m running 10.10.5

    Does anyone know why it’s not working?

  21. Dusten

    Thanks for developing such a neat tool!

    High Sierra Bug: Disable lid sleep isn’t functioning anymore. Has Apple’s System Integrity Protection seen any changes lately that could be causing this?

  22. Sirhc

    Please make an update Insomniax for High Sierra. This is a very useful and simple to use application. As others have said, disable lid sleep is no longer working.
    Thank you for this!

  23. JM

    there’s a trend here and I’m just gonna hop on it. the feature for “disabling lid sleep” does not function properly with the new macOS. please come up with an update that works, thank you 🙂

  24. nittyq

    Any update???? Please anyone know of other apps that work like this compatible for High Sierra? InsomniaX PLEASE update. Lid sleep does not work, anyone know a solution to make it work for High Sierra?

  25. Bradley

    Hey! Thank you for producing this app. It really saves me when it comes to listening to music on the go through my laptop (as my phone no longer has a headphone jack). Absolutely love using the app! Recently, as many others expressed concern over, critical functions of this app no longer works with the latest Mac OS update. I, and many others, would absolutely love and appreciate an update! Also, thank you for making this app free and secure, as well. I don’t see any direct benefit to the creator of this app, so I just wanted to express my appreciation for your work. Thank you! Have a good day!

  26. Dan Lund

    I’m also having issues with the application losing “disable lid sleep” almost randomly now. I need the setting since I usually keep my laptop closed and on a vertical holder. It started losing the setting between reboots as soon as I updated to sierra. Now that I have High Sierra, it seems to lose the “disable lid sleep” setting when doing things like changing external disks or plugging/unplugging one of my external monitors. I’ve decided for now just to keep my laptop open to avoid having to fiddle around with getting things up and rolling when the app has issues.

  27. José María Castro Molina

    I’d like to translate into Spanish, You could open a translation project to include translation packs.

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