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Version: 0.5/1.3.5/2.1.8

It always has been a missing feature: disabling the sleep mode on a Apple Laptop. Who does not want to use it as a big juke-box or go warwalking. The best looking server ever, especially at about one inch height. This small utility is what you will want, this small utility acts as a wrapper to the Insomnia kernel extension.




Note: InsomniaX is PASSIVE!
This means that unless another program has interfered with the operations of InsomniaX, once you reboot your system it will be completely removed from the system until you start InsomniaX and activate its features.

If after a reboot or during boot you exhibit issues, these are not related to InsomniaX. (The only exception is if you have InsomniaX in your startup items for your login)

Uninstalling/Repairing InsomniaX
The most common ticket in the help desk regarding issues with InsomniaX or requesting instructions on how to remove InsomniaX, below is a simple step list of what is required to completely wipe out InsomniaX. If any problems exist after removing InsomniaX it should not be related to Insomnia as it works as a passive changing, in other words once its unloaded all changes are moved (Especially after a reboot any trace should be gone)

  1. Reboot the machine
  2. Ensure InsomniaX is not running
  3. Enter in terminal : defaults delete com.semaja2.InsomniaX (use net.semaja2.insomniax for InsomniaX 2.1 +)
  4. Delete ~/Library/Application Support/InsomniaX (Use the terminal command “sudo rm -rf ~/Library/Application\ Support/InsomniaX”
  5. Delete /Applications/
  6. If reinstalling download latest version from MacUpdate

565 thoughts on “InsomniaX

  1. Is it possible, to restart the computer, and then reset the lid closed/open sensor, without opening the lid? I have a custom external isight that I use with my MacBook Air, and when I restart I have to open the lid, which is in a bag, then close the lid back the way it should be. Your app tricks the lid closed sensor so the built-in isight camera works, and it lasts for as long as that session is running. But if I restart I have to disassemble everything just to open the lid and close it again. 🙁 bummer. Just wondering if there was a way to type a command line and reset the lid closed sensor, as if I actually opened the lid for a second. Thanks

  2. Lance

    The difference between Clamshell mode and InsomniaX (as well as the reason this “feature” isn’t included in OS X by default) is that you cannot see any temp monitors in InsomniaX mode. Apple would be under extreme pressure / criticism / lawsuits if they let you run the computer with lid closed and no way to monitor heat.

  3. xPotential

    Anyone having trouble getting the Disable Lid Sleep to function in the latest version should try 2.1.2 which available here:

    Also, to our almighty programmer responsible for this amazing piece of software, it might be good to provide easy access to previous versions.. not just the 2 legacy versions listed at the top.

  4. Harold

    I have a retina macbook pro 15 inch running OS 10.8.3 and as far as I know none of the features work. I can enable lid sleep but when I close the lid it still goes to sleep. When I select idle sleep the icon in my status bar disappears. Can I resolve this or should I just wait for an update, I am willing to test as I rely heavily on this working!

  5. RoyalScam

    Using 2.1.3 on my 13″ MBP (MacBookPro 8,1) running OS 10.8.2, and once I disable lid sleep I can’t re-enable it. I try to uncheck it at it stays checked, plus the half-moon icon stays black. If I quit InsomniaX, it still operates the same. I have to quit InsomniaX and shut down and restart MBP to finally disable it.

    Any fixes or suggestions?

  6. Ulizes Villafranco-Pena

    hello i downloaded the 2.1.3 and when i unzipped the file it gave me a blank page and it said at the very bottom that my MacBook Pro does not have the necessary application to run this. Can you help?

  7. Anthony

    Is there a way to disable lid sleep for just one closing of the lid?
    I often disable lid sleep and forget to re-enable it.
    There should be an option to re-enable lid sleep automatically once the lid is open.
    Also, CPU safety is not working on Macbook pro 10.2 with InsomniaX 2.1.3

  8. DangeR

    Hi, i have a little problem… when i close the lid… display is turning off… but after 5-6 seconds the display will turn on as i can see the apple logo it’s on. What can i to stop this thing… i want the display to stay off. Thanks

  9. Paul


    I installed InsomniaX v1.3.5 but it doesn’t work. In the Log it says: “Kext org.binaervarianz.driver.insomnia not found for unload request.”

    The next line says: “Failed to unload org.binaervarianz.driver.insomnia – (libkern/kext) not found.”

    Can you tell me how to fix this? Will InsomniaX v2.1.3 work?

    Thank you,

    OS 10.6.8 MacBook Pro Late-2011

  10. OLF

    Latest version doesn’t load kext on Mac OS X Server Lion 10.7.5 (11G63):

    sudo kextutil -verbose Insomnia_r9.kext
    Insomnia_r9.kext appears to be loadable (not including linkage for on-disk libraries).
    Loading Insomnia_r9.kext.
    (kernel) kxld[net.semaja2.kext.insomnia]: The Mach-O file is malformed: Invalid segment type in MH_OBJECT kext: 38.
    (kernel) Can’t load kext net.semaja2.kext.insomnia – link failed.
    (kernel) Failed to load executable for kext net.semaja2.kext.insomnia.
    (kernel) Kext net.semaja2.kext.insomnia failed to load (0xdc008016).
    (kernel) Failed to load kext net.semaja2.kext.insomnia (error 0xdc008016).
    Failed to load Insomnia_r9.kext – (libkern/kext) link error.
    Failed to load Insomnia_r9.kext – (libkern/kext) link error.
    Check library declarations for your kext with kextlibs(8).

  11. Jeff

    If I disable lid sleep then put my MacBook Pro to sleep and close the lid, some reason my Mac automatically wakes up.

  12. Not working correctly under 10.8.4
    Sometimes it works, sometimes not.

    Tried out the “Disable Lid Sleep” function. Sometimes it activated the sleep anyways, tried restart etc.

  13. Allan Wake

    Hi there,
    Is there anyway to email you?

    I have a MacBook unibody running Snow Leopard. I suspect the Hall sensor is broken. Every time I boot it, it goes directly to sleep (booting windows from bootcamp works fine).

    Is there a key in the in the that I can change to disable clamshell mode? From single-user terminal boot mode?

    Used insomnia for year, unfortunately it was not running when the sensor broke 🙁


  14. Hi,
    very good work, but since I have installed Mountain Lion on my MBP 2010. InsomniaX doesn’t work anymore 🙁
    If you need information to debug, I will be proud to help.

  15. Zane

    Insomnia X was using 90% of my cpu for most of the year until I realised, I am disappointed that you could let a bug like this go

  16. Hi semaja2! Thanks for your great app. I use the menu option “Sleep Display” in the Insomnia-X menu every time I walk away from my Mac. Would you consider making a shortcut key for that feature?

    I am happy to make a PayPal donation to you for your great work on this software.


  17. Hi,

    Great app but my 13in 2013 MacBook Air crash very often since I use the app. When I close the lid and I reopen it, often I need to press power for reboot the machine.

    Need help please.


  18. Snow Leopard user


    The upgrade upgrades InsomniaX 1.3.5 to a version that’s not compatible with OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard). I consider a bug.

  19. dosdroid

    i want to see insomniaX in my language. Is it possible to send you some little translations? My mother tongue is Czech so i would love to translate it into this language.

    Thanks for reply (maybe write on my email or twitter @dosdroid)

  20. Dominic Remigio

    Hi Semaja,

    I have a Late 2013 MBP(wRD). What i want to do is to not let my Mac sleep while downloading. And i want it with the display turned-off. I tried insomniaX and checked on “Disable Idle Sleep” and then clicked on “Sleep Display”. BTW, i’m connected to the internet using my iphone USB tethering. As i observed, after around a minute or so, the “personal hotspot” identifier in my iPhone disappears which means that my Mac slept and disconnected from my iPhone and stopped downloading.

    How can i make my Mac to stay connected to the internet and continue downloading while my display is turned off using insomniaX? Basically, i want to make my Mac to stay awake while the display is off. Please help me figure this out.

    Thank you.

  21. Arthas

    Hi, I really enjoy the missing features that InsomniaX provided. Can you add another feature which is like “Lock the Computer” as Windows provided. Since when I disable Lid Sleep, I can sill operate the computer once I open the lid. I mean that the feature that is just locking the screen when I lid the computer but not sleep my computer.


  22. Kenneth

    I guess its too early to be talking about it. But I installed insomniaX on my Yosemite 15″ MBP, and it did not function properly. Once enabled its not possible to disable. Plus neither of the functions on menu worked. I also tried to close the lid with music, and my MBP went idle.

  23. Kevin Wang

    I’m running the latest version of InsomniaX on the Yosemite public beta right now, and it seems that Yosemite has broken “Disable Lid Sleep”. Only “Disable Idle Sleep” can be activated. Any plans to update InsomniaX in the near future?

  24. JJ

    Ever since the 2.1.4 (or 2.1.5?) update, despite turning off “CPU safety” a spike of cpu activity trips off the “Disable Lid Sleep”. Please please please fix this function! The amount of popups I get on my Mac is insane. Thank you for your work!

  25. terror88

    so i am on yosemite 10.10
    and i use the function “disable lid sleep” and “disable idle sleep”
    i use plex media server for streaming videos to my smart TV whatever
    i press “sleep display” because no need display is on
    and then after 5-10 min goes my macbook in sleep

    can you fix that i think this can help other people where want to use media sharing tool
    without running display and closed lid
    because closed lid can overheat the machine

  26. terror88

    i have testet the new version of InsomniaX 2.1.6
    and i must say it is much better than other versions why ?
    my mac is running and does not going to sleep mode
    the option “disable idle sleep when on AC” and “disable lid sleep when on AC” is a perfect solution !!!!
    and my mac is not to much hot is normal (then other versions is this pretty better)

    the only thing……

    when i press the option “sleep display now” and when i want back i must enter my password every time
    can you make a option for this please i don’t want to enter my admin password every time when i going back to desktop this is laborious…

  27. Hi terror88,

    This version has been optimised in various areas but most importantly critical bugs were eliminated which caused in some cases high CPU usage and unexpected state changes.

    I believe this version to be one of the best releases in recent years and I really hope everyone enjoys it as much as you 🙂

    Unfortunately I am unable to reproduce the issue with “sleep display now” requiring a password on wake, can you provide the diagnostics report and how long you are waking the display after sleeping it.

  28. krazypaki

    I’m running Yosemite GM 1 and the Disable Lid Sleep turns on (Moon darkens), but it still goes to sleep when I close my lid. I’m running v. 2.1.6. Any ideas?

  29. Aurora

    hi semaja!
    I really enjoy your insomniaX because it can make my device likes a jukebox (air 2014). But when I updade to 2.1.6 from 2.1.3, there have a problem. When I use it, the first time it will sleep, the second time can use. Can you fix it? Thanks!

  30. rpvuf

    When it comes to full compatibility with Yosemite (i.e. disabling lid sleep), just use the 2.0 version of Insomniax. Works like a charm 🙂
    You can download it here :
    Cheers !

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