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Version: 3.4.2 (Abandoned project)


Have you ever left your laptop on your desk and walked away and turn around to see someone taking you laptop and using it, well this application will scare away those that do and alert you.


MultiAlarm is coded around the orginal application called iBookAlarm which was coded by yellow monkey. It uses the motion.c engine designed by Christian Klein to detect movement of the laptop and also uses the Screen-Lock application which was developed by Dominik who has also coded parts of MultiAlarm.

From the orginal release of iBookAlarm the application was a simple small utility that when loaded would arm and when it was quit it would disarm, the later additions by semaja2 enabled a arm and disarm buttons along with growl support. The release by semaja2 was extermely buggy, it was later updated to a stable state.

MultiAlarm began as the next release by supporting all the Apple laptops with a SMS sensor but was compiled as seprate applications, further releases added more major upgrades such as a single binary for all 3 sensors and a more secure system to protect the alarm from being disarmed by the theft.

A full detailed history of the features can be seen from within the changelog text file included with in the MultiAlarm image file.


  • Added Alert Delay option
  • Added alarm reset for SMS sensors
  • Added security levels to Screen-Lock
  • Added MultiAlarm daemon to lock user out on reboot
  • Fixed iTunes bug
  • Fixed scripting bugs with remote scripts
  • Fixed major bug in Screen-Lock that caused expose to lose binds



If you have trouble with MultiAlarm feel free to contact me on the forums/blog/supportsystem/email

If you wish to have some form of OEM customization applied to MultiAlarm for use in a school or company please just email me at *protected email* and i will get back to you

45 thoughts on “MultiAlarm

  1. semaja2

    The source code was not uploaded with the latest version as it was extremly messy, The next version will include the source code when its released but if you want the source code just contact me

  2. Saher Khattab

    I tried the software of MULTALARM.
    I like the idea, but the realization isnt that good. For example:
    If the alert is on and close the had, the alert is automatically off.
    Or if you close the software in the dock, the alert is out of order, too.
    Mybe some things you can work on???

    Bye bye from Berlin – Germany!

  3. The two suggestion you posted are being worked on, in the next release we may implement a dameon instead of just one application, this will ensure it cant be force quit

  4. and what happens if you connect your headphones? nearly everybody has an mp3 player today and the user (or thief) could just connect his headphones so the speaker don’t work

  5. Dr. Zers

    In the MultiAlarm video there are nice growl-notifications with a beautiful Icon. How can I modify my growl-app to get the same look and feel?

  6. semaja2

    The icon has changed now but i was using the music video effect for multialarm.

    If you want to change the indivudal effects per app, refer to the growl doc

  7. MacUser

    For some reason, every time I try to dl this file, it keeps sending me to this page. I think that something is wrong with the link

  8. threechordme

    Two things.

    When I have my mighty mouse attached (usb) and I activate and set multialarm then deactivate it, my buttons 3 and 4 (wheel and side button) are changed to default button 3 and 4. What’s going on there?

    Secondly – how were you able to arm your laptop with your cellphone? I’m assuming bluetooth or something?

  9. semaja2


    That could be related to the screen-lock, screen-lock is being recoded by dominik as the orginal has some side affects that we were not aware of.

    To arm using a bluetooth mobile, ull need to use the included scripts with software like Salling Clicker

  10. eckndu

    yeah, this soft looks crepy, 🙂
    both my mighty mouse(BT) and expose was reset, iTune pops up after dearm, and i wish i could disable the screen lock even motions were detected

    also i perfer the look showd in the video…
    working well~

  11. semaja2

    Could you start a support ticket so it can be delt with and fixed up for you.

    If you dont submit tickets no one will ever know how to fix it

  12. Ole

    I just have a feature suggestion to the development team. It would be handy if you could incorporate a timer function so that if you wish you would have multialarm arm itself after a set time. That way you wouldn’t be in risk of forgetting to arm it. I have the sensitivity set to a level that allows me to work while it is armed but will go of if it is moved so if I set MultiAlarm to run at start-up having it arm itself would be handy.

  13. semaja2

    This is already a feature, it will self arm if you set the idle time for it.

    You could also make your own applescript that would arm at specific intervals, i could code this extra addon application for you.

  14. Graham

    So, in the final build,
    will it be a menu app (meaning it runs in the menu and has no icon in the dock)?
    will it prevent a person from muting it by pressing the mute button or plugging in headphones?
    will it work with the apple remote?
    and will it work when the lid is closed?

  15. semaja2

    This is the final version, its constantly being update though.

    1. It wont be a Menu Bar application for a long time due to restrictions in the code.
    2. There is no way to prevent mute by headphones as this is a hardware problem, however the mute buttton only mutes the sound for a small time until it unmutes a few seconds later.
    3. It is capable of being used with remote software such as sofa control, but it will not be a built in function due to this software not being aimed at only MacBooks
    4. It does work when the lid is closed except on MacBooks running 10.4.8

  16. Will

    Thanks for the great software semaja2- just having some problems with the isight function- I have set it in preferences to take a photo and load it to my idisc and documents folder, but when I set off my alarm and then deactivate it I cannot find the file in either location.
    Any ideas what I might be doing wrong? I am using a MacBook with 10.4.8.
    Apologies if you have addressed this elsewhere.
    Best wishes,

  17. Lucky Luxy

    I have been testing out your program on my Mac. I really like your program so I thought I would submit my results of testing it for myself, where I have managed to nullify its security!! I found that if I held down the power button which shut off both the Mac and the alarm, then restarted the Mac, I found I had a small window of time between OS X starting and the application firing up, where I could open a finder window. When the security program kicked in, this window remained on top of the MultiAlarm screen, where I was able to navigate to the Applications folder and delete the MultiAlarm appliction. After restarting again, i had full control of the my Mac!!
    This definitly needs working out! I hope this helps in the program development.
    Lucky Luxy

  18. semaja2

    Thank you for your testing, i will begin looking into the daemon and testing for ways to make it start as early as possible to override this problem.

  19. Arturo Marcos

    Please help!!!!! how can i get through this?. I downloaded multialarm for my macbook and i cant disable the utility :(. it does not recognize my own password. Been checking for any typing mistakes but no results :((((. How can i solve my oproblem???. THX

  20. rhymes

    Need help!
    when i activate armed and it starts alerting soudn although i didn’t touch my notebook at all
    can u help me?

  21. Like the app, particularly impressed with little features like overriding the mute and continuing alarm when rewoken. The only concern is, what if the potential thief (out of spite?) instead of stealing the laptop attempts to guess at your alarm password, does this 10 times (I set max. attempts to 10) and locks me out of the computer? Is there a way to undo this, for instance using the password I have set on my user account (on the HDD, not the alarm)? Understandably, I do not want to protect my computer from theft, only to find that due to someone’s malice I am no longer able to use it!

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  23. Hi I just using multi alarm with salling clicker. after I install multi alarm and open the preferences it say “applescript error” The variable theCoords is not defined. (-2753). Why this kind problem happen? how to fix it? I already search the net but I couldn’t find the solution. also when I activate the alarm then the alarm started to alert although I didn’t touch anything. And when I want to disarm it from my mobile phone it only show alarm disactivate but the alarm still alerting.I have to use password and keyboard to sound off the alarm. sometime when I activate the alarm it is not alerting but when I disarmed the alarm suddenly alerting and have to put password and keyboard to deactivate it.I use keyboard and mouse sensor as my PB doesnt have SMS.its 12 inch 1.33ghz PB. Hope to hear from u soon.. Thanks in Advanced.


  24. shaun

    MultiAlarm is dead? how sad… i just found your page… i’ve been working on a similar app i dubbed Motionless (thank you, thank you- it’s hardcore, i know) that does a variety of things to ensure that your mac annoys anyone who tries to steal it… my cli version is flawless, but the gui i’m working on via Xcode is still in need of a fair amount of work (this is my first time using Xcode), so i was curious if you’d be willing to share your project… i’d love to help fix any bugs and add features… not to steal your baby or anything, but i’d hate to see all your work die

  25. allie

    HELP!!! i completely forgot my password for MultiAlarm so i erased it and downloaded it again but i guess it remembered me or something (freaky) but i still cant remember my password. Does anyone know how to reset the password or something??? PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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