PHPSysInfo for Mac

Version: phpSysInfo-2.5.3.mac.b

A modified phpsysinfo for the Mac OSX platform, it features many changes to make it look more visually appealing and have more information

The Old
The New


Version phpSysInfo-2.5.3.mac.b

  • Darwin now is no longer effected
  • Added devices
  • Added average load bar
  • Cleaned up code

Version phpSysInfo-2.5.3.mac.a

  • Initial Release
  • Added Hardware Monitor class
  • Added Misc sensor table to all templates
  • Added Swap Memory
  • Cleaned up volumes list
  • Many more changes


  • Fix Devices (Use XML Plist File)



If you have trouble with PHPSysInfo for OSX feel free to contact me on the blog/supportsystem/email

If you wish to have some form of OEM customization applied to PHPSysInfo for use in a school or company please just email me at *protected email* and i will get back to you

7 thoughts on “PHPSysInfo for Mac

  1. Ian

    Heya… does this not work with Leopard?

    I am using leopard server and set it up and I’m getting nothing? (I changed the config file etc)

    anyway… thanks

  2. tezza

    used the original phpsysinfo and it worked, then saw your mac version and did the same install and iam getting nothing. Iam using leopard also.


  3. Aaron deVisser

    Hey, i downloaded this, im using leopard as well, it wont even load … is there a patch, or download to fix this yet ?

  4. johnson


    How to install phpsysinfo on mac osx. i have copied this phpsysinfo folder to mac web hosting folder, but it does’t load. what are the steps for done it. please help me…

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