Show-Database Bot

The code to the Show-Database bot was released because of numerous requests for the code on IRC, the scripts and code is released under the GPL licence.

This bot simply fetches show and episode information along with summaries; it uses the tvrage website to fetch data about any show or episode in its database but also has its own database on MySQL which allows you to place a more in-depth summary of each show for output.

The bot has 3 simple triggers which are:

  • !show — Used to find the details and summary of a episode
  • !summary — Used to find information about a show
  • !chuck — Used to say a funny chuck norris fact

It also contains a few secret triggers which are:

    • !show $nick naked — This will alert the channel with the below message as well as sent the sender a image named naked.jpg

“It seems $nick is a freak and wants to make love to <$nick> , now everyone point and type !show $nick naked”

    • !show goatse — This will alert the channel and send the sender a image called goatse.jpg

“It seems $nick is a goatse addict here, now everyone point and type !show goatse”

Download (Does not include goatse.jpg or naked.jpg)

WARNING: If the HTTP request fails it may spam a client with the html of a error page, this may result in a ban or kick from the channel you host

This software comes with no warranty and the author takes no responsibility for any damage or harm caused by the software.
This software is not to be used in conjunction with and unlawful activities.

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