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As lots of users will know that MacOSX has a very annoying small bug that seems to be never fixed, this would be the sound balance gets off set all the time when the volume is changed.

How ever i came across a small project that would check to make sure the balance was 50/50, i have provided the links to the orginal site and because i always get annoyed of finding a resource and then the website not there i have also mirrored the site.


Bugs in Mac OS X or other running programs might break your output’s balance settings. balanced listens for CoreAudio’s volume change notifications and adjusts the balance if needed. This first version of balanced has no preferences file and adjusts the balance in a 50-50 manner.
How much does it cost?

The time to download it. 🙂
How to install balanced?

Use the package on the disk image to install balanced. You don’t need to restart your mac after installation. Now you have a balanced daemon that keeps your balance correctly. You can test it by changing the balance in the system’s preferences, it should be back to 50-50 in less than 1 second.
How to uninstall balanced?

Run, in a terminal:
sudo /Library/StartupItems/balanced/
Enter your account password as requested.

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