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Version: 0.1

The South Australian Police provide the public with a list of all speed cameras for South Australia, however to view and navigate the SA Police website on a iPhone can be very difficult and time consuming.

With SpeedCameras for SA you can now view todays speed cameras efficiently and with ease, this allows you to quickly see where all speed cameras are in SA before you go on your next trip.

semaja2.net does not support any unlawful activities such as using your mobile while driving and more importantly we do NOT support any form of speeding on the public road system.



SpeedCameras for SA currently only has a ‘lite’ version available, to use this Web Application simply navigate to http://speedcameras.semaja2.netto use SpeedCameras for SA

You can also navigate to the current prototype webapp with more features at http://speedcameras.semaja2.net/dashcode

We suggest you install SpeedCameras for SA onto your home screen to provide a complete application experience and for ease. Simply touch the plus button in safari and touch the add to home screen option.

To Do:

  • Integrate option to select any day in the week for viewing (Included in prototype)
  • Integrate option to view country cameras (Included in prototype)
  • Add option for google maps view
  • Convert into complete iPhone application for AppStore

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