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Version: 1.0.2

Utility Lock is a custom built Screen Locking mechanism, it was designed after the Apple lock that is available in Apple Remote Desktop, its purpose is to allow for a greater customization in how the screen is locked, you can now have it locked on Sleep/Idle/Intervals and with the applescript support you can combine it with other applications like WiFiScriptor




If you have trouble with Utility Lock feel free to contact me on the blog/supportsystem/email


I will happily custom build Utility Lock to suit your needs, wether it be preset preferences or a Master Key if your distributing it on a network, of course since this is outside of the project a payment of some amount will be required depending on the situation and such.

Please if you do use this software on a network such as a school or company please consider this as it keeps me living and is currently my only form of income while at school, however if you do use it on a network and don’t want a custom build please just tell me so i simply know where and who’s using my project.

If you wish to have some form of OEM customization applied to Utility Lock for use in a school or company please just email me at *protected email* and i will get back to you

54 thoughts on “Utility Lock

  1. Doc

    Just a note (and I’ll leave this at Macupdate.com as well), to say “thank you” for proving this quality, well thought-out, effective, clean and useful program–that screams “classy” the minute one opens it up..

    Very thoughtful of you; and like so very many other excellent Mac developers, you continue to make our platform (“the computer for the rest of us”) shine brightly in the cluttered world of so many who “just don’t get it.”

    Love the Mac – and love you guys for continuing to make this the “only” OS I’ll ever use.

    Hats off to the Good Guys…ah, that would be–you 😉

    warm regards,

  2. Matthew

    looking good guys, can you add a feature where it requires an admin password to unlock the screen? i often update other mac’s through other user accounts for the sake of speed and want to lock the screen so they don’t fiddle around with it while it’s updating


  3. Aldrin Edward Trono

    First of all I wanna tank you for this wonderful app. I have a little reqauest. I just want an option that enables me to put a custom picture/wallpaper when i lock my screen. Thanks! Keep it Up.

  4. Thanks for the kind comments, really means something to me.

    I will add the feature to the todo list and hopefully find a solution to this, however im trying to not over fill the project and keep it simple, hence it will take time to find a nice solution to the already present features.

    Also i do offer OEM/MasterLock builds as now listed in the readme and on my site, these offer you to have a custom built version so you can have a Master password to the system if your a school/buisness

    PS. Thanks to those that do review my projects on the software websites, be sure to leave ratings as well.

  5. Medro

    I love your clean and nice tool !

    Only problem I do have is this:

    When Utiliy Lock locks the screen, the computer does not switch to energy safe mode for the monitor anymore. The monitor stays on, even if I use the “switch off after xx minutes” option.

  6. john

    If i would forget the password, or, if anyone else would attempt to enter and fills in a random password a couple of times, what happens next?
    How will I be able to get in again?

  7. Wow, this is truely a great utility. I’ve really been needing a utility like this lately: infact even today i was wishing for an easier way to lock my Macbook other than iAlertU, which is realy just a fun thing to show off to friends, with no use at all.

    Great software, thanks!

  8. djc

    For everyones information. To change the hidden preferences, type …

    defaults write com.semaja2.UtilityLock disableStatusItem 1

    from the terminal command line (to remove the menu icon – make sure hotkeys is enabled!). Likewise for the other hidden preferences.

  9. BillM

    Thanks a lot for a great screen lock utility. There is one issue though where it would be great if you could add a preference for switching off writing failed password attempts to the log.

    Every now and then I type in a wrong password because the screen is not very responsive right after waking up my iMac. This results in a failed password attempt which then gets logged to the UtilityLock log. Since those failed attempts are very close to my proper password (just the first letter missing or something simliar) I find it a bit worrying to have a plain text record of my ‘almost correct’ password in the log file.

    A preference to switch this logging off would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks

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  11. This is a very good tool for screen lock.

    Only one problem: every time I type in the password to unlock the screen it comes out a popup saying incorrect password (even if it is correct and the screen is now unlocked) that forces me to input twice the original password (like in the first setup phase).

    It’s kind of annoying, can be fixed ?

  12. SteveD

    Very useful utility. I wish the idle time screen lock wasn’t based on a password stored that needed to be retrieved from the Keychain during an idle period. People concerned with security (like me) will undoubtedly have the Keychain auto-lock after a short interval of time. As a result, the idle time screen lock goes nowhere because it is asking for the Keychain password — presumably when the computer has been left idle (nobody there to unlock the Keychain).

    It would be useful for the screen lock password to be retrieved once (at program launch, perhaps), and stored (encoded) in memory as long as the Utility Lock is running.

    Otherwise, it seems to be a solid bit of software. Thank you.

  13. Chris CA

    Haven’t tried this app yetut it looks pretty good.

    Just downloaded version 1.03b, dated 11 September.
    It pops up and tells me a new version (1.03a 3 September) is available.

  14. It could be a nice feature to let the screensaver run after a few minutes the screen has been locked, cos I think the lock picture can burn the screen, especially if it is an LCD.
    Other than that, I think this is a great app…

  15. SBK

    Hey mate. Top app – I start it automatically so everything starts up while I’m away for my computer and it’s all ready to use when I come back.

    Question: Can you add Switch User functionality or enable the screen saver to kick in (which gives the same function) so that other family members can use the computer if I go away?


  16. Frank


    great tool! I would greatly appreciate the above mentioned features:
    – screensaver should be left enabled
    – allow for fast user switching


  17. Frank

    hm, I really like the tool, but the whole taks seems to be a bit more complicated: I just noticed that it uses 10-20% CPU when locked (PB G4 1,5); that’s a problem when one user account is locked, while working in another account 🙁
    So any chance of reducing the CPU load?

  18. BradV


    Just thought you’d like to know when you go to “Help” inside the icon menu in Utility Lock 1.0.3a, it says “InsomniaX Readme”.

    I chuckled and thought you’d like a chuckle and to fix it in the next release.

    Thanks for everything you do.

  19. vince

    great app!

    I would love to see it associated with the screen saver. It could be activated when trying to stop the screen saver. That would make a password-protected screen saver that you could use a different password than your login system wide password.


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