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Version: 0.2

This tiny little utility will allow a user to assign AppleScripts to any wireless network, all you need is to know the SSID of the networks and well some resources on scripting with AppleScript (examples to come soon)


Some uses for this:

  • Welcome message on joining networks
  • Automated backup solutions that require network connectivity
  • Mounting network drives automatically depending on network

Post your ideas/scripts we would love to hear about your uses


  • Clean up notification register
  • Implement search bar



If you have trouble with WiFiScriptor feel free to contact me on the blog/supportsystem/email

If you wish to have some form of OEM customization applied to WiFiScriptor for use in a school or company please just email me at *protected email* and i will get back to you

13 thoughts on “WiFiScriptor

  1. This code snippet can go into any applescript to pull out the SSID of the wifi you’re using: do shell script “system_profiler SPAirPortDataType|awk -F\”: \” ‘/Current Wireless Network/{print $2}’

    Using that in a script that has an idle handler lets you make an app similar to this. Or you can use Lingon or Cronnix to run scripts relying on this shell script.

    As I commented over on versiontracker, this sort of utility is much-needed, as this sort of thing needs to be way easier to do. I like backups to run when I get on my home network, and I like certain security protocols to be in place when I detect a non-home network.

  2. supercrisp: I can so agree Apple should of provided some sort of AppleScript system to allow us to hook into events, but for now applications like this will do.

    And as you would of noted that script you previously used would of hogged memory and resources in its idle runs etc, where as this just waits for the event to happen.

    PS. I will be adding a hidden preference to disable the status icon for anyone that wants it to remain hidden

  3. If you’re calling any sort of nonresident shell script from launchd, it ain’t gonna use nothing in the way of resources until it runs. And there are a lot of ways to set that idle handler in AS so you’re not tying up resources — I mean, how much are you using to run this sucker every 15, 30, or 60 seconds? How does your app avoid using resources while it “waits for these events to happen”?

    Kudos for the app. But shame on you for the FUD.

  4. semaja2

    Well i may not be right in the way to say that your script uses more resources and such, but mine does not use any such idle handler and does not do checks.

    It simply waits for OSX to actually tell it that a new SSID has been connected, registering for notifications must be much less CPU draining then doing a check every 15seconds

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  6. Tom

    Hi – any chance of a Leopard-compatible version in the near future? It appears to fail since I’ve upgraded.


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