Website Revamp

After years of my old theme, and its slow falling apart from upgrades over the years, I thought I would finally put it to rest and revamp my site.

As you will notice I have changed the theme (albeit not sure if this is permanent) but also under the hood cleaned many sections up that were left from old projects, and found old projects that were never published. With this cleaning I have also separated what are the “projects” and the old abandoned projects “ye’ ol’ projects”.

I am looking to upload the source code for anything in “ye’ ol’ projects” as the licences permit along with time to sort through them, hopefully this will help with anyone that wanted to know how to code some of those functions or just see how they worked.

The support desk was demolished and rebuilt as part of the revamp, with the new support desk all cleaned up ready for use. So for any support requests head over to and raise a ticket, please be reminded that I do not actively provide support and you may not get a response for some time.

I still suggest utilising the comments for any community support, as many fellow users have often answered or solved questions you may have. To help assist on this I will be looking to have an automated archiving of old comments so they don’t clog up the system, along with increased protection from spammers.

Happy Browsing!

8-Bitty Controller for OSX 1.0 Release

Today is the day I release the first official version of 8-Bitty Controller for OSX, unlike the previous trial release this version features a hopefully intuitive design and wait for it… DUAL CONTROLLER SUPPORT! That’s right you can now play two player games!!

There was also a issue in the previous release that resulted in the “held” state of a button to not work correctly, this has now been resolved and the keys repeat correctly. This was noticeable in games like Super Mario where running was not possible.

I have decided as a trial to provide this software as donationware, I investigated using the Mac App Store to sell this software however due to its nature it can not be approved, and 3rd party licensing systems will just cost too much. As well as I have always wanted to provide to everyone even if they can not pay, but at the end of the day I have bills to pay and need motivated to keep supporting the project.

So with that being said if too little donations are received I will consider this project and all future projects to be Shareware. If anyone donates they will receive a licence should the project be turned into shareware.

With that out of the way, please start downloading and providing some feedback on what needs fixing or improving :)

Download From MacUpdate